Hands On Curly Hair Cutting + Styling  Columbus Ohio

Hands On Curly Hair Cutting + Styling Columbus Ohio

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June 28th 2020

Evan Joseph Salon

1221 N High St

Columbus Oh, 43201

Wether a new stylist or curl pro come & raise your curly hair care game!  Come get over 5 hours of HANDS ON curl education in COLUMBUS OH. Learn Evan’s fool proof steps to cutting curly hair and improving customer experience.  Evan’s classes are interactive experiences where you can ask questions and get comfortable working with any texture of hair. These classes are for all levels of expertise.

If you have had curl training from other companies this is the class that will make it all make sense. 

- Learn Evan's "Top Down" & "Silhouette" cutting techniques for flawless curly cuts.  Evan expands on this technique even further for the first time ever!

- Evan teaches you techniques not looks so that you can go back to your salon and create exactly what your curly clients are looking for.

- Learn to more effectively attract and communicate with curly clients, setting realistic expectations, and fine tuning your skills.

-Also learn to take photos and get noticed on social media!

You will need to bring your own curly model of any texture.  We encourage you to bring a model with healthy curly hair and of a texture that you feel challenged by.

*No refunds

* Please only bring yourself to the class no children or guest please.